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Growing Something Good

Hello Friends,

We are about to embark on a new adventure. A new building, new land, a new project that has the potential to be transformative for ourselves, our community, and our bit of Earth. To say I am excited about this opportunity is an understatement.

When I was in school, I had a professor who told me my job was to “dream and dream big”. For me, this is the manifestation of those big dreams that started years ago. It is the opportunity to develop and utilize a relationship with the land that focuses on mutual health and wellbeing. By using sustainable and regenerative agriculture we can support our congregation, community, and planet, while helping to empower those around us who may be struggling with food insecurity.

Although this year we may be starting small, (big things often have modest beginnings), this project will grow into a mighty instrument for positive change as we learn, grow, and develop community relationships that focus on improving the lives of our neighbors.

I am so happy to be a part of something with so much potential that is grounded in the desire to nurture, love, and uplift others.

Well, now that I’ve gotten all of my sentimental rambling out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks. The Harmony Grows project is ready and waiting for the land to be leveled beside the new building. We have collected a soil sample to be tested by the OSU extension office and seeds and seedlings are just waiting to be nestled into their new homes. Although it has been cold lately today is the official last frost date for our area, finally!

I have been raising hundreds of little seedlings for the last few months literally in my bedroom and weather permitting on my porch. Just today they have left the safety of the enclosed porch to harden off in the great outdoors, (my yard). The plants I’ve started are mainly peppers, tomatoes, (several varieties), and a few herbs. I have loved surrounding myself and my family with these little babies, watching the seeds sprout and grow, and sort of take over my life and home has been an absolute joy… I mean it’s gotten a bit crowded, but I love it! I definitely went overboard this year but really, self-control is overrated when you’re buying plants!

I can’t wait to meet and work with you all on this project and share this journey.

It’s going to be incredible!



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