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2022 Onward and Upward!

Hello Friends,

It’s finally May, and we are ramping up for an incredibly busy growing season here at Harmony Grows. We are only a few weeks away from our scheduled planting date when all the projects we have been brainstorming for years will be up and running!! These projects include our Giving Garden, CSA project, Community Garden, and educational outreach opportunities.

The project I am most excited about this year is the opening of our community garden. This season marks the first year we will be offering garden plots to the public, satisfying a long-anticipated need for community garden space within the City of Green. These plots are available in a limited quantity this year. Priority will be given to local families experiencing financial hardships that would like to try their hand at gardening.

There are countless ways community gardens are beneficial. Gardening can increase physical activity, food security, and lead to a healthier diet. Community gardens also offer an opportunity for people to grow and develop culturally relevant foods that are not readily available through mainstream grocery outlets.

According to the CDC, community garden spaces can even improve social well-being. After two years of COVID I’m looking forward to providing access to this space where community members can connect again. Harmony Grows offers a place to share interests, knowledge, and create something tangible.

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty with us, garden workdays for the 2022 season will be scheduled twice weekly on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, please email if you’d like to be added to our list of volunteers. If you are unable to donate time but would still like to support local, sustainable production and food security, please consider donating to Harmony Grows at Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Happy spring!



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