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Harmony Grows

Here at Harmony Grows, we have a unique opportunity and privilege to positively impact our surrounding community. By utilizing the resources available to us on the new property we have the chance to implement programs to help our church members, friends, and neighbors who may be facing food insecurity.  Through community collaboration and with the implementation of several new projects, we are working to ensure that no one in our community lacks access to local, nutritious, organic, and sustainably grown produce.   Through 4 primary areas of focus, we are helping to connect the church and community, to the land, ensuring access, and empowering community members to have a hand in their own food production.  The four primary focus areas include a CSA, (community supported agriculture), a Giving Garden, food access programs, and a community garden.  Through these efforts, we can make a meaningful connection with our community and have an impact on our local food system.



We are offering a low-cost, nonprofit CSA which will be available for the 2024 growing season.  By purchasing shares in the CSA at the beginning of the season, subscribers help to offset initial startup costs while securing their share of the season’s produce. By partnering with additional producers within the community, we can ensure that a variety of products are available to our customers in addition to what is being grown on the property.  Shares are available for a cost of $400 per season with weekly pickups at Harmony Springs Christian Church.

Now accepting SNAP for weekly share pickup!


Giving Garden

The Goal of the Harmony Grows Garden has always been to get fresh food to those who need it most.  In that spirit a large section of our garden is dedicated specifically to the production of food for local donation. 


Donations from this garden will be taken to the local food pantry for weekly distribution to the community.

Educational Outreach, Harmony Grows

Food Access

As part of our ongoing community outreach, we have developed an access program for local farmers markets.  This program allows low income consumers to utilize their SNAP/EBT benefits to purchase locally grown vegetables and foods directly from producers. We are partnering with Produce Perks to increase purchasing power for our patrons. 


This program will be available at the Barberton Farmers Market for the 2024 season!

Community Garden, Harmony Grows


Access to land and the ability to garden has become restricted to many in recent years.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow food for themselves and their families.  By offering community garden plots to church and community members on a seasonal basis we can provide the opportunity for many people to reconnect with the land by growing their own food.

Please submit your community garden application online to become a part of our community garden.

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